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Save $20 with a valid Keller's Creations Platinum Card. Enter your Platinum or Prime number in the "add a note" box at checkout.


Spend this awesome  weekend focused on scrapbooking!

Class box includes three days of virtual fun & teaching on Facebook, Crafters Project Box, and Tote of Goodies!

PAYMENT PLAN: Platinum-VIRTUAL-SWDS Thomasville, Feb. 2024

  • With this payment plan, you pay THE FIRST PAYMENT ($71.33)NOW...

    Payment 2: March 15, 2023

    Payment 3: June 15, 2023

    We will email you for credit card info for your payments.

    (Non payment on either of the last 2 payments will result in a website credit. No refunds will be issued.)

    Email with any questions.