Purchase Flash Dollars and get a 20% bonus! For every 4 you buy, you'll get 5 to spend...

Spend $20 and we'll give you TWENTY FIVE Flash Dollars to spend on flash sale items at our events! All our weekend, day, and mini-weekend events include Flash Sales you won't want to miss! Flash Dollars to give you more bang for your buck and are usable at Flash Sales at all our events (excluding Platinum-only events).

Please purchase at least 72 hours PRIOR to your event.

Waco 2022-Twenty Five Flash Dollars

  • We will record your purchase and will give you the appropriate Flash Dollar amount at the next Keller’s/SISS event you attend! Please list the EVENT in the COMMENT box at checkout. Flash Dollars can only be used on flash sale items during flash sales at any of our day, weekend, or mini-weekend events (not valid at Platinum-only events). Leftover dollars can be used at future event flash sales. Flash Dollars can not be refunded or applied to non-flash sale products or event registration. Feel free to contact events@acidfree.com with any questions.