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When you have a vision...that becomes a dream...

that becomes possible. 




Our goal to move the company closer to our hometown has been in the works for a couple of years now. As we’ve prayed & worked & prayed some more, we have kept our focus on what purpose we want this company to serve when we get there.

We want it to make people feel welcome. 

We want it to make people feel at home. 

We want it to be escape.


Scrapper’s Weekend Down South was the perfect start to the transition to our renewed focus. The weekend format we just enjoyed was my vision...and the reality of the weekend 

did not disappoint! 


Camp Keller’s is another vision that came to me on the beach last spring. I tried to brush it off, but it took hold...and became the dream that we are now able to offer you! I would love to spend a creative week with you...relaxing & laughing & taking our time on projects. Let’s play music & play with paper...let’s snack & eat out...let’s learn & celebrate together. 


We only have room for 25. I hope you’re one of them!




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